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October 4th, 2008

05:31 pm - Time to start thinking about Halloween!!!!
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September 11th, 2008

08:34 pm
I edit and proofread papers for grammatical errors; mechanics; organization; and overall structure. If you'd like some assistance, please e-mail me and include the following: length of paper; subject matter; and the issues you'd like addressed. Pay rates are reasonable. Please send me the paper at least a week before it is due so that I have ample time to devote to it -- I want to help you! For longer papers (30+ pages), allow a week and a half. 

For more information: writesquare at yahoo dot com.

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August 18th, 2008

10:37 am - Apartments + parking
My boyfriend and I are looking for a one-bedroom apartment close to KSU. It needs to be pet-friendly, and a furnished place would be fantastic (though I know that's probably a long shot). Any recommendations, or places to stay away from, would be great.

Also, how is parking on campus during the evening (say, 6 PM and later)? And at what time do the lots usually fill up in the morning? I'm just starting grad courses and am trying to figure out when I need to get to the school.


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August 12th, 2008

08:37 pm - Financial Aid Question
I am getting both the Federal Sub Stafford and the Federal Unsub Stafford loans. It is for a total of $8500 for the the Fall and Spring Semester. It will not take the full 8500 to cover all the expenses for the school. Do we get what is leftover to do what we want with?

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January 16th, 2008

10:30 am
Does KSU have a rolling admissions process for grad school, or do they wait until the application deadline to review and inform applicants of whether or not they're accepted?

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January 2nd, 2008

12:10 pm - Graduate studies

Does anyone go to Kennesaw State University for grad school?

What were your GRE scores/GPA upon getting accepted, and do you like it?

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December 13th, 2007

02:32 pm - Want to be in a kung-fu film?
Dark Room Productions (in conjunction with the KSU Underground Theatre and Film Movement) is going to be producing Boy, a kung-fu/action film. We still need to fill several male parts. These are unpaid positions, but it's a great experience! And all actors will receive a DVD.

Parts that are still available:

SKYLAR ** (Early 20s) Leader of the "Frat Pack". Cocky, fit, and tall.
JOEL ** (Early 20s) Second in command of "Frat Pack". Aims to please,
and tall as well.
FLOYD ** (20s) Bassist of "The Band". Tall, dark featured, also lanky.
SENSEI** An older man. He trains Boy and Tim. Dark, mysterious.
BOYFRIEND**(20s) A young man.

If you are interested, contact Rachel Marshall at arachnid.butterfly@gmail.com.

There will be a reading on Sunday, December 16 at 6:00 pm on campus at Kennesaw State University. If you are interested but can't come to the reading, please still contact Rachel Marshall.

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November 14th, 2007

09:43 pm - Beautiful Candy Christmas Wreaths!!!!

Beautiful Candy Christmas Wreaths
Prices range from $20 to $30
Get them while they last..

Cynthia Powell

Current Location: Kennesaw,Ga
Current Mood: creativecreative

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November 6th, 2007

06:59 pm - Auditions for kung fu/action film in Kennesaw
On NOVEMBER 28, 29 and DECEMBER 1 there will be a casting call for a
kung fu/action film. The production is very low budget, so actors will
have to work without pay, however, it is experience and exposure since
the film will be submitted to film festivals post-production. Actors in the film will receive free DVDs of the film. Most of
the principles are already cast, but there are many other important
roles that need to be filled. Auditions will be held at Kennesaw State
University. For now, until we get a room, I will ask all those who are
interested please submit a head-shot and resume.

The film is entitled "Boy" and is about a young man named Boy looking
to avenge his parents. Along the way he encounters many characters who
not only help Boy in his endeavors, but also give him a taste of the
good life. To maintain this, though, Boy must face many new and common
enemies on his path to vengeance.

Fight choreography will be required for some characters (indicated by
**) which will begin December 15 and end January 28th. Shooting will
not start until February 17, but there will be a complete shooting
schedule by the date of your auditions. A majority of the shooting and
training dates will be on weekends (Friday - Sunday). Between January
28th and February 17th there will be minor rehearsal, which will also
be included on the schedule at the audition.

*Children Performers
- Ages must range from 6 to 11.
Young Tim (6), Young Shiv (10) and Young Adrian (10), dark features.
Young Boy (10), Bully (10), Young Suki (6), fair features.

*Parents* if your child has friends who would like to be in a movie,
they are welcome to come as we will need extras. There will be pizza
and soda :)

Performers ( "**" stand for fight choreography)
SUKI (20-22) A manager of a flower shop. Looking for fair features and
a shy, playful demeanor.
UNCLE ** (30s) Owner of the flower shop and leader of A.C.E, a rebel
group. He is tall and relies on a cane.
JACK and JILL ** (20s) Two twins who work as soldiers for A.C.E.
Features are unimportant, but should look similar. Performers are
welcomed to audition alone, but pairs is preferred.
OFFICER JET ** (30s)
OFFICER FAYE ** (Late 20s) Both are Cops. Looking for darker features
and tall on Officer Jet, fairer features and short on Officer Faye.
SKYLAR ** (Early 20s) Leader of the "Frat Pack". Cocky, fit, and tall.
JOEL ** (Early 20s) Second in command of "Frat Pack". Aims to please,
and tall as well.
EVAN ** (Early 20s) Member of "Frat Pack". Average height, brooding,
quiet, and dark.
KYLE ** (Early 20s) Member of "Frat Pack". Average height, dimwitted,
physical character.
FLEETWOOD ** (20s) Lead singer of "The Band". Short height, intense,
CLASH ** (20s) Guitarist of "The Band". Average height, should be lanky.
FLOYD ** (20s) Bassist of "The Band". Tall, dark featured, also lanky.
WHO ** (20s) Drummer of "The Band". Short height, dark featured,
messy, crazy.
MAINTENANCE MAX (40s to Early 50s) A grizzled mechanic. Not
necessarily in shape, but tough.

If you would like a specific character's scene before the audition or
know more about the character you are interested in or if you have any
questions in general, please feel free to email me back at this
address: arachnid.butterfly@gmail.com.

Oh! And since it is kung-fu, if you know martial arts that is a plus,
but don't be deterred if you don't know any.

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October 22nd, 2007

01:18 pm - MTG
Looking for someone in the Kennesaw area to teach me MTG. I can meet you wherever.
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